Saturday, August 27, 2005

Some sex scandals listed

Gary Condit, a California congressman, was revealed to be having an affair with his intern, which was alleged may have also led to her murder.

Edwina Currie revealed in 2002 that she had had a four-year extramarital affair with John Major who would later become Prime Minister. Commentators were quick to accuse Major of hypocrisy, referring to his previous Back to Basics platform.

The Lewinsky scandal, in which sitting American President Bill Clinton engaged in a variety of sexual activities with his intern Monica Lewinsky. Clinton's denial under oath made it worse.

The Munsinger Affair, 1960s scandal involving several Canadian cabinet ministers and Gerda Munsinger, a Soviet spy.

The Profumo Affair—British Secretary of War John Profumo attempted to cover up his affair with a showgirl.

Uno Sosuke, Prime Minister of Japan, resigned in 1989, after less than three months when a geisha revealed that she had an affair with him.


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