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Camilla and Diana

December 18th 1989 - The Prince Charles and Camilla tape.

There are reports that the conversation was recorded by MI5 at GCHQ.

There are also reports that 27 other similar tapes exist in the MI5 vaults.

Charles: Anyway you know that's the sort of thing one has to beware of. And sort of feel one's way along with - if you know what I mean.

Camilla: Mmmm. You're awfully good feeling your way along.

Charles: Oh Stop! I want to feel my way along you, all over you and up and down you and in and out...

Camilla: Oh!Charles: Particularly in and out!


Extract from an article by BRIAN DESBOROUGH at Prison planet.

Teddy Bears and Diapers

Sadly, Prince Charles ... suffered an unhappy childhood, which probably was accentuated after being packed off to his father's old school Gordonstoun, in Scotland - a school noted for its Spartan living conditions.

Gordonstoun's headmaster was Kurt Hahn, the founder of the Hitler Youth Movement.

It would appear that the dispassionate upbringing of Windsor males tends to create emotionally crippled adults, as evidenced by the pleasure derived by King Edward VIII in being pushed around at parties in a baby carriage, clad only in a diaper.

Perhaps it also explains why a threadbare teddy bear invariably accompanies the adult Prince Charles on his travels and also his enduring love for the much older Camilla Shand, even after she had married the Queen Mother's godson Andrew Parker Bowles.

As far as the senior Windsors were concerned, it was mandatory that male heirs to the throne marry non catholic blue blooded virgins.

This eliminated Camilla from contention since she was considered used goods.

She subsequently married Andrew Parker Bowles, who reluctantly had terminated a tempestuous affair with Princess Anne in 1972 because he was a Catholic....


While still an MI6 probationer, Tomlinson had read a file concerning an Anglo Iranian agent who had been instrumental in procuring a Russian BMP-3 armored personnel carrier for the British. The file disclosed that details of meetings covertly held by this particular agent at the Ritz hotel in Paris were monitored by one of the hotel's security managers. This security manager was an MI6 paid informant.

Tomlinson learned that the informant was Henri Paul, which helps to explain Paul's numerous bank accounts and substantial wealth.

After completing an assignment in Belgrade, Tomlinson was invited by an MI6 targeting officer to participate in a plan to assassinate Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic. A few days later, the targeting officer handed Tomlinson a formal MI6 document detailing the plan to assassinate Milosevic during his scheduled visit to Geneva.

Chillingly, the plan proposed that a flashing strobe light be used to disorient the chauffeur of Milosevic's limo as it passed through a tunnel.

According to Tomlinson, the document stated that a tunnel crash was the preferred assassination locale, since it would minimize the number of witnesses and maximizes the possibility that the crash would prove fatal. Tomlinson expressed to his superior his disgust that MI6 would conspire to assassinate a civilian head of state. A Loose CannonTomlinson heard no more about the assassination plan, which was never implemented - at least in the case of Milosevic. MI6 fired Tomlinson a year prior to Diana's death....


Extract from an article in Conspiracy Nation, 8/22/02:

On June 11, 1997, Ms. Camilla Parker Bowles was driving at a high rate of speed to visit Prince Charles at one of his residences.

She lost control of the car and crashed head-on into an approaching vehicle.

Luckily, Ms. Bowles escaped with minor injuries.

According to one of King and Beveridge's informants ('Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence' by Jon King and John Beveridge), Ms. Bowles survived a botched MI-5 assassination attempt.

As already stated, MI-5 favored eliminating Camilla Parker Bowles rather than Lady Diana because Ms. Bowles would be an easier target.

But when Diana went to the United States in early 1997 and persuaded then-president Bill Clinton to sign onto an international ban on the use of landmines, the powerful military-industrial complex became furious. They effectively ordered the CIA and MI-6 to eliminate "the Diana problem."

On August 31, 1997, Lady Diana Spencer was murdered, in Paris, by means of an automobile "accident."

Other motivations for her killing, besides the threatening "constitutional crisis" and her hindering of profits to the huge armaments industry, were her impending marriage to Dodi al-Fayed and her outspokenness. Diana had emerged from the demure female role apparently still favored by monarchical types; she had become a "loose cannon", not spouting pre-approved meaningless feminist rhetoric but focusing on issues which were truly disturbing to the power elite. She had to go.

Less than three weeks after Diana's death, Bill Clinton reneged on his previous promise to support the proposed international ban on the use of landmines.


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