Thursday, September 08, 2005

UK brigadier and 'honeytrap' in Pakistan

Disgraced brigadier caught in ‘honeytrap’

Ian Bruce, in The Herald, 18 August 2005, wrote that a senior Scottish army officer had been sent home from Islamabad in disgrace after being caught by MI6 in an "inappropriate relationship" with a Pakistani female intelligence agent.

"Security sources say the ISI agent's cultivation of the friendship with the Scots officer appeared to be aimed at gaining access to his social and professional circle among military, embassy and intelligence staffs of allied nations.

"The scandal comes a few months before Britain is due to deploy a 3500-strong brigade to Afghanistan to help in the hunt for Taliban and al Qaeda fugitives along the Pakistani border.It has also developed in the middle of negotiations between Britain and Pakistan over stricter surveillance and regulation of the radical Islamic madrassa religious schools visited by some of the July 7 London bombers and other young UK Muslims in recent years."


ISI is thought to have strong connections to the CIA.


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