Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Simon Kelner, writing about Piers Morgan:

"One of the great stories we worked on was a kiss-and-tell by Lady Bienvenida Buck that led to the downfall of the former Chief of Defence Staff, Sir Peter Harding. Piers and I took Lady Buck to lunch at Claridge's and she warned us that she was very "friendly" with a lot of the old boy network who would be in there dining with their wives. Lady Buck told us: "When I walk in the room, just have a look at the reaction." Sure enough, the old boys were almost diving under the tables."

Who wanted Sir Peter Harding out of the way?

Bienvenida came from the backstreets of Valencia but became very close to Middle-Eastern sultans, a US ambassador and the UK Chief of Defence.

"Her lovers cover a wide and influential political spectrum: Sir Anthony Buck, British MP and QC; the British Chief of Defence during the Gulf War, Sir Peter Harding; Ahmed Kano, one of the richest men in the Middle East; and Thomas Enders, former US ambassador to Spain and Cambodia and a high-ranking ex-CIA operative."


As a child in Spain she lived in a foster home and an orphanage, although her parents weren't dead. "For six years, my foster parents used to beat me up constantly."