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Tom Driberg, rent boys, Aleister Crowley, the KGB and MI5

Tom Driberg is listed at number 461 in the top 500 lesbian and gay heroes in The Pink Paper, 7th. November, 1997, issue 506, page 15.

"Labour MP with a penchant for cottaging, rent boys and spying (on his own party for MI5), who managed to escape exposure on all counts. The policemen used to escort him from the loos of the Albert Embankment if there was an important vote going on in Parliament."



Tom Driberg, His Life and Indiscretions by Francis Wheen (London: Chatto & Windus 1990 HB). Pg.11 asks a question about Driberg, "Can the man who in the 1920s was anointed by Aleister Crowley to succeed him as the Great Beast be the man who in the 1960s tried to persuade Mick Jagger to become a Labour MP?" Pgs.54-55 mentions the lunch with Crowley at the Eiffel Tower restaurant and how Driberg became Crowley's heir.



Maxwell Knight, head of B5b, a unit that conducted the monitoring of political subversion, recruited Driberg as an agent for MI5. In 1941 Anthony Blunt informed Harry Pollitt that Driberg was an informer and he was expelled from the Communist Party. Knight now suspected that his unit had been infiltrated by the KGB but it was not until after the war that MI5 discovered that Blunt was responsible for exposing Driberg.


His was a glorious indulgent life that included a highly public wedding in 1951 just a few years after he had concluded an extravagant series of affairs with soldiers, sailors and airmen.



By far the best story (and one which may even be true) has him fellating Labour party icon Nye Bevan after a bibulous lunch...

Although Driberg avoided any public scandal during his lifetime, it appears that the Kremlin was able to blackmail him into becoming a KGB agent – codename Lepage – after one blowjob too many in Moscow.



The notoriously homosexual MP for Barking was a close friend of Guy Burgess and visited Moscow with him.

He was a supporter of Stalin and throughout his time in the Commons and later the Lords there were persistent rumours that he was a Soviet agent.

It is claimed it was during one visit to Moscow that the KGB used his habit of picking up men in public lavatories - known as cottaging - to trap him.

Allegedly he attempted to seduce a KGB man in the urinals behind the Metropole Hotel.



Driberg went as a day-boy to a local school called the Grange. It was here at the age of eleven where he began sexual experimentation with other boys...

(Driberg wrote the William Hickey column for the Daily Express.)

Tom Driberg wrote the column until 1943, but also did much travelling to cover major news stories.

In the autumn of 1935 he gave two unemployed miners a place with him in his bed, but when his hands began to wander the men went to report him at the local police station. On 12th. November 1935 Tom Driberg ended up in court at the Old Bailey on a charge of indecent assault, but he was found not guilty. His boss, Lord Beaverbrook (Max Aitken), ensured that there was no press coverage, although Tom Driberg had to go to see the editor of The News of the World. There may have been some reciprocal arrangement as Lady Astor had pleaded with Lord Beaverbrook to keep the homosexual charges against her son Bobbie Shaw out of the papers...

In about 1941 Tom Driberg was expelled from the Communist Party, although he was never told why. However, this turned out to be useful when he was campaigning to become an MP. In 1942 he was elected as an independent MP for Maldon in Essex. Three years later he held the seat as a Labour MP, and in 1950 he was elected as the Labour MP for Barking.

He had a lucky escape when caught with a Norwegian sailor in an air raid shelter in Edinburgh. Fortunately the policeman was an avid reader of the William Hickey column and let him off. In fact the policeman and Tom Driberg became friends and exchanged letters...

In 1949 the Labour Party conference elected him to the National Executive Committee, and he was re-elected every year from 1950 to 1972...

In 1956 Tom Driberg was temporarily out of Parliament and was working more or less full-time as a journalist. He travelled to Moscow to see the spy Guy Burgess to get the story of his disappearance from London with Donald Maclean. The story appeared in Guy Burgess: A Portrait with Background.

Tom Driberg was chair of the Labour Party in 1957-58.

In 1965 he was appointed as a Privy Counsellor.

He had been an MP for thirty years when he retired in February 1974.

In 1975 he was made a life peer and became Lord Bradwell.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Covenant House

The following is taken from 10/3/05

Bruce Harris was the director of Convenant House, Central America, a formidable figure hated across the region in certain circles for his condemnation of sex traffic.

Based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, his group was the primary source for the detailed accounts of the 4000+ minors who have been slaughtered genocidally in that country since 1998. Social cleansing, slavery, organ harvesting, you name it. They were mostly "gang members" of course...

Anyway, Bruce had a little pecadillo, and was turned in by a "boy" from whom he had solicited sex, I think early last year. He resigned in shame--the boy had previously been at Casa Alianza. However, it turned out later the sex was consensual and the "boy" was not a minor after all.

Damage done, a great defender of human rights was entrapped and destroyed; soon thereafter, the Casa Alianza website, formerly an awesome repository of data, was purged and gutted, without even a Google cache to find. Seemed like a classic CIA op--which is mostly what Honduras is these days anyway.