Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Covenant House

The following is taken from 10/3/05

Bruce Harris was the director of Convenant House, Central America, a formidable figure hated across the region in certain circles for his condemnation of sex traffic.

Based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, his group was the primary source for the detailed accounts of the 4000+ minors who have been slaughtered genocidally in that country since 1998. Social cleansing, slavery, organ harvesting, you name it. They were mostly "gang members" of course...

Anyway, Bruce had a little pecadillo, and was turned in by a "boy" from whom he had solicited sex, I think early last year. He resigned in shame--the boy had previously been at Casa Alianza. However, it turned out later the sex was consensual and the "boy" was not a minor after all.

Damage done, a great defender of human rights was entrapped and destroyed; soon thereafter, the Casa Alianza website, formerly an awesome repository of data, was purged and gutted, without even a Google cache to find. Seemed like a classic CIA op--which is mostly what Honduras is these days anyway.


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