Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Drugs, prostitution and a political party

Tommy Sheridan was leader of a political party, the SSP, that opposes the establishment.

Now Sheridan has sent an open letter to all his party members claiming that senior figures in the party have been spreading rumours about him, including allegations that he was a drug dealer, that he trafficked women from eastern Europe and that he used prostitutes.

Has the Scottish Socialist Party been infiltrated by members of the security services with the intention of wrecking the party?

If so, which members of the party might be working for the security services? Could Mr Sheridan be a spook?

There have been allegations that such people as Tony Blair and Martin McGuinness have worked for British military intelligence.

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A quote from the Sunday Times, 4 June 2006:

Look everybody, it’s the end of socialism

From a high point in 2003 when it had six MSPs elected, the Scottish Socialist party has descended into a low farce that has included a sex scandal, a libel action, a jail sentence and rancorous infighting...

In November 2004, a Sunday newspaper alleged that Tommy Sheridan had had a four-year affair with Fiona McGuire, a party worker and former professional escort, an affair that reportedly began several months after Sheridan married his wife, Gail.

Sheridan resigned as SSP convenor and announced his intention to sue the newspaper for libel.


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