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Sex, Sexpionage and child abuse


DRUGS AND VICE SECRET OF TOP COP'S DAUGHTER...THE daughter of a senior policeman is working as a £120-an-hour hooker and selling cocaine to clients. DRUGS AND VICE SECRET OF TOP COP'S DAUGHTER

Moslem Indonesia has a sex scandal, due to a widely circulating video of one of the country's most powerful politicians in a hotel room with a popular singer. Mr Zaini is the head of the religious affairs committee for the Golkar political party.The singer, Maria Eva, has admitted making the film.Lawmaker summoned to explain sex tape
INDONESIA: Top Golkar official quits over sex video
Maria Eva - Indonesia Matters

'School is bad for children. It makes them unhappy and, as tests show, they don’t learn much.'"Schools should be abolished"

Markus Wolf - Jewish spymaster

The 'other man' at the centre of the Tory sex scandal

DC Gays Say Hastert Had Sex With Young 'Men For Hire'?

Closeted Gay Republicans and a Party in Political Free-Fall

Sheridan accuses MI5 and Murdoch over 'mother of stitch-ups'

“When the history of this whole episode is written about, I think you'll find that MI5 certainly was involved."SWINGERS TAPE IS A FAKE SAYS SHERIDAN

British documentary alleges pope linked to "child abuse cover-up"

Republican Pedophilia - A Long but Distinguished List

FLASHBACK: Fla. can't find 1,000 kids in state custody

FLASHBACK: The Strange Death Of The Woman Who Filed A Rape Lawsuit Against Bush

New molestation allegation dogs arrested conservative activist

Judge's career in ruins over sex and cocaine blackmail

Exclusive: The Sexually Explicit Internet Messages That Led to Fla. Rep. Foley's Resignation

Mexico: Ties Between Elites and Child Sex Rings "Beyond Imagination"

Natascha Kampusch; Dutroux

"Charlie Wilson was very close with at least three very beautiful Israeli women, and at least two of these were put in his path by the Israeli government. One was "Ziva, a beautiful Israeli ballerina" (Crile, pg. 2). Then there was "a raven-haired captain in the Israeli Defense Forces.She was the congressman's official guide to the war zone, and Wilson's infatuation began on that first trip into the desert to see the burning Russian tanks" (Crile, pg. 32). Then he was introduced to Gila Almagor, Israel's leading movie star (Crile,pg. 32). "By the time he got back to Washington, Wilson hadbecome, in his own words, 'an Israeli commando' in the U.S.Congress" (Crile, pg. 32)..."
Airliner plot, Tablighi Jamaat, ISI and Mossad

UN Congo peacekeepers accused in child sex abuse

Tommy Sheridan, a Scottish MP who has openly criticised Israel, became the victim of a "serious campaign to discredit" him, led by a sinister faction within his own party and a tabloid "news" paper. This is a typical example of the "flack" method of suppression, by which key people are prevented from straying too far outside certain boundaries, or punished and discredited if they do, thus discouraging dissent and free-speech, and undermining "democracy". The same tabloid has, over the years, been involved in various fake stories that coincide conveniently with state propaganda requirements, including the infamous "ricin plot" hoax. The tabloid was directly behind the recent phoney "terror" raid on a flat in London, during which police shot a Muslim suspect by "accident", all based on a "source" (anonymous as usual) whose evidence was exposed as false in court.."

Tommy Sheridan
The evidence … and how it unravelled

Defeat for Rupert Murdoch paper; Tommy Sheridan wins.
Sheridan wins £200,000 NoW damages


Champagne, socialism and sado-masochism: Tommy Sheridan faces his ...

Woman ‘paid interim £1000 by tabloid’ for Sheridan story

Belgians search for missing girls

BELGIUM - DUTROUX - Was Dutroux working for the security services?

Eton schoolboys

Drugs, prostitution and a political party

Top people in sex scandal in Kashmir

Child abuse
Tehelka - The People's Paper

One girl's story

'If he didn't answer the way we liked, we would shoot his youngest kid in the head.' - Testimony from a former U.S. Army Ranger, Jessie Macbeth.

Nona: Yin and yang?
Pope sacks Church leader

John David Hall - why was he not caught sooner?

The people in charge in the United Kingdom: drugged, sleazy, corrupt, incompetent?

Sex scandal as Montenegro votes on independence.

'If he didn't answer the way we liked, we would shoot his youngest kid in the head.' - Testimony from a former U.S. Army Ranger, Jessie Macbeth.

Who searches for girls?

Saudi Arabia ranks No. 2 for searches for "gay sex," behind the Philippines. Pakistanis lead the rankings for "sex"
What do people search for on Google?

The Boys' Nipples Party; 'Open-mouthed, I shall dream of altar boys'

BREAKING: Porter Goss Played More Than Cards

Sex, Lies, and Government Contracts

SEX....That (I believe) is how America managed to keep one generation of Middle East leadership under control.


Photos of kids

SEX? A young female employee of one of Florida's Congressmen died unexpectedly in the Congressman's office.

"A time bomb is primed to go off under the Blairs. Or so the Mail assured us on 22 April, as it has been assuring us since September 2003. Originally, we were told the explosive device would be Carole Caplin's memoirs; now Caplin's mother, Sylvia, a medium, is dictating (appropriately enough) to a ghost writer. Either way, we are promised revelations about Leo and his MMR jab, and about how the Blairs consulted the spirit world on the location of Saddam Hussein's WMDs (so what? It makes as much sense as asking the intelligence services). It is hard to see that these disclosures can bring down the Prime Minister. But the Mail also insists, repeatedly, that we shall get details of Carole's "intimate" friendship with him, and if he survives the honours scandal, he won't survive that. The Mail's readers' ribs must be sore from all this nudging. What is being implied here? I think we should be told." Peter Wilby

Sex and Blair's cabinet

Moira Anderson; child abuse; senior public figures; Dunblane

Sex, Thais, Bonobos........Foreplay is more important in Austria than in Japan

Substandard conditions for institutionalised children in Sri Lanka

Cop accused of having sex with 14-year-old girl

Special Forces soldier jailed, facing multiple sex charges

"The orders to take the sexually-oriented photos and videos, some of which involve teenage Iraqi boys and girls and sodomization by their guards, came directly from a pedophile and closeted male homosexual ring operating in the White House, according to the intelligence sources. Copies of the tapes and photos were sent directly to the White House for the entertainment of senior members of the Bush White House, including officials in the Vice President's office and the Executive Office of the President."
" White House Ordered Prisoners at Abu Ghraib Sodomized "

Rape charges part of political plot – Zuma

Springtime for Atta

Kids' home worker, 37, in topless sex romps with 15-year-old ...


Violent pornography

Iraqi police report details of children's deaths at hands of U.S. troops

US veterans claim they saw Iraqi civilians being murdered by US troops

A child is killed by a gun every three hours in America,,1736424,00.html

Jeremy Thorpe, a stable lad, Jack Straw and the security services.

The Plot Against Harold Wilson - what they missed out.

More children murdered by Israel

UK policemen telling lies? A senior policeman committing rape?

Child abuse in Chennai

'Jermaine even suggested his father may have set up Michael to be somehow victimized by older men. He tells how his father would have Michael join in at late-night hotel room meetings with "important business people," and wondered whether "something happened" to Michael at those sessions.' Jackson 5.0

Cruel medical experiments on US children...

Blair minister Margaret Hodge; Margaret Oppenheimer; child abuse in Islington

Peter and Gordon

Temptations of the flesh threat to sex-loving apes


Torture and death of British children; the death of Gareth.

10-year-old boy prisoner of Guantanamo Bay -- found innocent after two years of detainment

Single-parent families double child mental health risk

Twelve years later, a pupil tormented by primary school bullies gets £20,000

Marc Dutroux

Major child abuse

Sex trade

Child abuse in the USA

The spin from the News of the World: the British army does not have a long history of using torture?

Video shows British troops brutally beating Iraqi children inside military compound. Video shows corpse.

US investigates paratroopers 'modelling on gay porn sites'

Tom Driberg, rent boys, Aleister Crowley, the KGB and MI5

Jonathan King abuse case 'to be reviewed'

Hughes: I've had gay sex
Simon Hughes apologises for homophobic smears in 1983
Lib Dem candidate denies gay rumours

Oaten quits over sex scandal
Downfall of a 'dull' man
Mark Oaten and a sexual relationship with a young manFormer Liberal Democrat leadership contender resigns

Covenant House

Pamela Bordes

Lib Dem candidate denies gay rumours

Cover-up of satanic abuse? I Was A Sex Slave For The Cia!

Gerda Munsinger sex-and-spy scandal Secret papers link scandal, death penalty: In 1966, then-prime ...


TSUNAMI-IMPACT : For Sex Workers, the Show Must Go On

Diana and the security services

Woman on child sex charges defends love for boy, 15

Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show

Muriel Degauque and Charleroi updated

The naked truth

The plight of the cellar girls

Rigorous Intuition: "The Great Satan"

Monk admits abusing boys at Ampleforth prep school ... guilty to indecently assaulting 15 boys, all aged under 12, during a nine-year period when he was a teacher at Gilling Castle, Ampleforth’s prep school. ... Silence and secrecy at school where child sex abuse went on for ...

Soham force police chief charged with child abuse
Ex-police authority head charged
Ex-police authority chief charged with child abuse
Former Hull city leader charged over child abuse claims

Child abuse and eating disorders

Look out, kid

The Dark Side of Camelot

Liam Lawler

Liam Fox hits out at 'gay smears'.

Guy Burgess, Captain Macnamara, J H Sharp, Tom Wylie and Edouard Pfeiffer.

The typical UK politician?

Preteen sex and the Christian Coalition?


Typical Republican?

David Blunkett and Sally Anderson and a political set up,6903,1588243,00.html

Andanson, Beregovoy, Diana


Systemic paedophilia:

Camilla and Diana

Blunkett and 'Secret Service plot'.

Police rape and torture of children

Pornography and the security services.

UK brigadier and 'honeytrap' in Pakistan


Child abuse cover-up

BELGIUM - DUTROUX - Was Dutroux working for the security services?


Child sex and top Americans?

Black magic, spies and child abuse

Michael Aquino, alleged child sex abuse and the United States military

Child abuse in Southern Africa.

North Wales paedophile ring, top people, the police and the security services

Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Masons

Yin and yang?

Police fears for hundreds of children missing in London

GOP pedophilia?

GOP pedophile and male prostitution ring?

New leads in Johnny Gosch case

Dr D. Ewen Cameron

Bohemian Grove and Paul Bonacci

Child sex ring linked to top Americans?

Child sex rings linked to top Americans? Part 2


Sexpionage - Part 2

Cabinet ministers and spies and sex

Some sex scandals listed

French sex scandal

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