Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Newspapers report that French police have arrested a group of 3 who had plans to kidnap girls aged 5 – 9. A cellar has been discovered. The police are calling it Dutroux II. -Suspected French paedophiles held French police break pedophile plot

"Clarence Mitchell was a BBC Reporter left the Beeb for an important job with HM Government. According to this, he is now the director of the Media Monitoring Unit within the Central Office of Information(COI). Tony Hatfield has a snap of him with an official looking tag round his neck in the company of Dr. McCann and is evidently getting involved .....?" - MaddyMania

"Could the huge deterioration in Cheney’s personality be as a result of Israeli blackmail?" - permanent link

The following is from:
"The question that was to be posed to Gonzales was: 'Do you believe a Special Counsel is necessary in the DC Madam case since a number of Justice Department officials and other federal law enforcement officers, including those involved in prosecuting the case against the 'DC Madam,' are also clients of her sexual fantasy entertainment firm, Pamela Martin & Associates?'

"WMR has learned that on the phone list suppressed from further release by US Judge Gladys Kessler are the names of scores of Justice Department prosecutors, Drug Enforcement Administration and Secret Service agents, Internal Revenue Service officers, and US Postal Inspection Service officials, including one involved in ordering the seizure of Deborah Jeane Palfrey's assets. These names are in addition to a number of mostly Republican politicians, staffers, and political appointees, including Vice President Dick Cheney while he was President and CEO of Halliburton in the 1990s.

"And why is the Fourth Estate so nervous about pursuing the DC Madam story? It also turns out that among the clients of Pamela Martin & Associates are a number of journalists for top Washington news media organizations, including -- ABC News, which spiked the story and said there is no one "newsworthy" on the phone lists it obtained."

Fiona Jones was accused of election fraud. She died in January 2007. "She went to a gathering at (Jack) Straw’s office... According to Jones, all this attention paid to her by Straw was too much for some other women MPs... Chris Jones, Fiona’s husband, was certain he recognised Fiona Mactaggart as one of those who barracked his wife, and can even recall her words: 'What did Jack do, Fiona? What did Jack do?' ... She also recorded going back to the Metropole hotel during a conference, and how the same senior politician appeared beside her in the lift. In the draft of her book, she wrote that he said: 'Your room or mine?'" - Party political outcast-News-Politics-TimesOnline

Jerry Falwell (updated)