Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whitaker Chambers - Gay Spy

Whittaker Chambers, born 1901, was from an aristocratic American family.

His father had two homes, one for his wife and children and one for his gay relationships. (Chambers, Whittaker)

Whitaker Chambers joined the Communist Party of the United States in 1925. In 1931, Chambers married Esther Shemitz. (Whittaker Chambers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In 1932, Chambers became a spy for Russia.

Chambers got to know a number of people who allegedly were part of a secret communist group: Charles Kramer, Nathan Witt, George Silverman, Marion Bachrach, Alger Hiss...

Hiss was an American diplomat who played an important roll at Yalta and who presided over the conference on the United Nations charter.

Allegedly, Chambers was sexually attracted to Hiss.

In 1938, Chambers reportedly broke with Communism.

In 1939, Chambers got a job at Time magazine and eventually became a senior editor.

In 1939, Chambers met Assistant Secretary of State Adolf Berle and agreed to reveal what he knew about communists in the American government, in return for immunity from prosecution.

In 1948, Chambers gave evidence to the House Un-American Activities Committee. He claimed that Alger Hiss, a popular former State Department employee, was a spy.

Hiss's lawyers reportedly thought they might use Chambers' gay activities to discredit him.

However, Chambers went public about his homosexual tendencies, but claimed that he had overcome them.

President Truman was angry about the allegation that Hiss, who had presided over the United Nations Charter Conference, was a Communist. Truman dismissed the case as a "red herring."

Hiss was eventually found guilty of perjury and given 5 years in prison.
A stepson of Hiss, Timothy Hobson, has claimed that Chambers invented the spy allegations after his sexual advances were rejected. (Out In The City magazine - Was Cold War 'Spy' Victim Of Unrequited ...)
Hobson, a retired surgeon, grew up in the family home in Washington, D.C.
Hobson has said that Whittaker Chambers lied about his personal relationship with Hiss and had never visited the Hiss home as he claimed.

Hobson said that during the time Chambers claimed to have visited the home, he was recuperating from a broken leg and met every person who came calling.
"It is my conviction that he was in love with Alger Hiss, that he was rejected by Alger Hiss and he took that rejection in a vindictive way," Hobson said.


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