Monday, September 03, 2007

Ferdinand Karsch-Haack

J. Edgar Bauer has written about Ferdinand Karsch-Haack .

It was Ferdinand Karsch-Haack (1853-1936) who proved that bisexual behaviour is normal among animals and humans.

(In 1999, biologist Bruce Bagemihl's "Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity" added to our knowledge.)

Ferdinand Karsch-Haack was Curator at the Zoological Museum of the Friedrich-Wilhelm University in Berlin.

Karsch-Haack became famous for his studies of gay behaviour and gay people in European history.

Karsch-Haack wrote: "Is same-sex love based on sociability? A grounded Rejection" (1905) and "The German Movement for the Abrogation of Paragraph 175 and for the Assessment of the Ban on Same-Sex Conduct" (1906).

In 1933, the year Hitler seized power, Karsch-Haack published "The love affairs of Prince Heinrich, Brother of Frederick the Great,"

Karsch-Haack showed that gay behaviour is frequently seen in animals. He wrote "Pederasty and Tribady among Animals based on Literature", published in 1900.

In 1901, Karsch-Haack published "Uranism, or Pederasty and Tribady among Primitive Peoples".

In 1923, Karsch-Haack published "The Role of Homoeroticism in the Arabic World."

Karsch-Haack believed that homophobia was not natural and inborn but was the result of conditioning by people like Christian fundamentalists.

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