Thursday, June 05, 2008

The causes of child abuse in the USA and UK

Do you believe in a society in which hugging people is considered to be healthy? Or a society where violence against the body is considered morally necessary for the salvation of the soul.

The USA and UK seem to prefer violence to love.

The USA is one of the worst places in the industrialized world to be a child, according to a report from the United Nations.

"The United Kingdom and the United States find themselves in the bottom third of the rankings for five of the six dimensions reviewed," UNICEF said in a summary of the report. (PDF)

JAMES W. PRESCOTT, Ph.D., in HUSTLER (Article: Child Abuse in America: Slaughter of the Innocents), October 1977, wrote:

"I found that those cultures that gave a great deal of infant physical affection -that is, a lot of touching, holding and carrying - were rated very low in adult physical violence.

"Conversely, the cultures that were rated low on adult physical affection of children were rated very high on adult physical violence.

Thirty-six out of the 49 cultures examined fit this pattern...

"We found support for the basic relationship between approval of violence and rejection of physical pleasure. Individuals who agreed with violent statements also agreed with statements that rejected physical pleasure.

For instance, the majority of people who agreed with such statements as:

"Physical punishment and pain help build a strong moral character,"
"Capital punishment should be permitted by society,"
"Violence is necessary to really solve our problems"
and "I can tolerate pain very well,"

also agreed with such statements as:

"Prostitution should be punished by society,"
"Responsible premarital sex is not agreeable to me,"
"Nudity within the family has a harmful influence upon children"
and "Sexual pleasures help build a weak moral character."

We must reject the idea that pain and violence are both necessary and moral and that physical pleasure is immoral.

Article: Child Abuse in America: Slaughter of the Innocents


Jersey Police Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper "has had more than 140 poison-pen letters, threats to his home, his car burned and rumours spread about his private life.

"He said he has come under renewed attack over the past few days and has accused a 'handful' of journalists and politicians of attempting to undermine the investigation by circulating lies and vicious rumours.

"The Londonderry man has lodged a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission stating that a national newspaper fabricated quotes and accused him of lying..." - Top cop in Jersey child abuse inquiry slams critics

"Detectives investigating allegations of abuse at a former Jersey children's home said new tests had proved 'beyond doubt' that the remains of more than one child had been found." - Jersey tests confirm remains find

One child under 10 is killed each week in the UK.


Jersey, Southampton and Portsmouth


1. In May 2008, Jersey police charged Michael Aubin, 45, with alleged offences relating to the former Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey.

Mr Aubin, who was born in Jersey but now lives in Southampton, was arrested in the UK by Jersey officers.

He has been charged with one count of sodomy against a male child and three counts of indecent assault against two other male children.

All of the alleged offences took place between 1977 and 1980, police said.The investigators added further charges may follow

Police charge man in Haut de la Garenne case

2. English solicitors Dyer Burdett & Co (DBC) have set up a legal team to advise former residents of the Haut de la Garenne children's home on Jersey.

DBC is already representing 18 people who were allegedly physically and sexually abused whilst in the care of Portsmouth Corporation during the 1950s and 60s.

The firm is investigating reports of a link between the Portsmouth cases and Haut de la Garenne. (Two more 'punishment cellars' discovered at Jersey care home)

3. Cosham's Children's Cottage Homes in Portsmouth, across the water from Jersey, is at the centre of a child abuse scandal.

Two former child residents of Cosham's Children's Cottage Homes claim children were taken from their dormitories during the night and disappeared.

Reg Tugatt, 59, a former resident of Cosham's Children's Cottage Homes says he saw 'suspicious holes dug'.

Reg has given police a map showing holes dug in the vicinity of Cosham's Children's Cottage Homes - in a wood and near an orchard. (Police handed map of holes at child abuse scandal home / Second 'abuse' victim speaks out)

Reg said he was taken into care at the home in 1956, aged eight, and stayed there for three years.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire Police said: 'We have no plans to dig up any sites in Portsmouth and continue to hold the position that there are no links between allegations made in reference to the Children's Cottage Homes in Cosham and the ongoing investigation in Jersey.'

Les Cummings, 63, is campaigning for an apology from Portsmouth City Council for the abuse he claims to have at the hands of his foster father and at the Children's Cottage Homes.

A total of 21 men and women told detectives they suffered physical and sexual abuse as children at Children's Cottage Homes.

A 78-year-old woman from Devon was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault but when police passed the file to Crown Prosecution Service lawyers they decided there was not enough evidence to charge her.

Les Cummings went to police to ask them to look again at their earlier investigation into the claims of 21 men and women.

The Crown Prosecution Service examined allegations against the centre but decided not to prosecute.

Both Reg and Les claim that a number of children were taken from their dormitories during the night and disappeared.

4. In 2001, former Mayor of Portsmouth Freddie Emery-Wallis, 'was jailed for nine months after he was found guilty on five counts of indecent assault against two teenage boys.' (Polar)

5. There have been allegations of a large child abuse ring, involving top people, in the Portsmouth area - Cached

6. Police announced on 25 February 2008 that they were investigating claims that the Jersey case was linked to abuse at the Children’s Cottage Home in Portsmouth. - Policed reopen Hampshire child home investigation

7. Fort Monckton, near Portsmouth is reportedly used for the training of MI6 recruits - (Sacked spy's blog takes on MI6).