Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sodom City


Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571) was a famous sculptor and lover of boys.

Cellini was born in Florence at the time of the Italian Renaissance.

Florence was known as "Sodom City".

Reportedly, sex between men and boys was a part of Florentine culture.

Cellini was convicted of homosexual sodomy in Florence in 1523 and in 1557.


Cellini's Florentine patron was Duke Cosimo I de'Medici and it was for Cosimo that Cellini made a bronze Perseus holding Medusa's severed head. This can be viewed in Piazza della Signoria.

Cellini's works include a marble statues of Ganymede and an Eagle, Narcissus, and Apollo and Hyacinth.

Ganymede and the Eagle

In Ganymede and the Eagle, the young Trojan boy touches the neck feathers of the Eagle, his seducer.

Apollo and Hyacinth

In Apollo and Hyacinth, Apollo touches Hyacinth.

Cellini wrote Vita, his autobiography.

In Vita, he relates that he took his apprentice Diego, dressed in women's clothes, to a party.

The boy was voted the most beautiful prostitute in Florence.

In Vita, Cellini refers to sodomy as that "noble practice" of "the greatest emperors and the greatest kings of the world."



Thursday, October 02, 2008

Billy James Hargis

Billy James Hargis became very rich.

Who is the classic American hero?

The lovely Sarah Palin, or the 'gay' John Wayne, might be considered classic American heroes but the best candidate for the title is Billy James Hargis.

Billy James Hargis (1925 -2004) was was one of the founding fathers of the Christian Right and he liked boys.

In the 1950s and 1960s, his Christian Crusade ministry was broadcast on more than 500 radio stations and 250 television stations.

Hargis preached about the evils of sex education, the welfare state, Communism, liberalism, women's liberation and, of course, homosexuality.

Hargis loved Israel and preached in favour of Israel.

Hargis accused Martin Luther King Jr. of being a Communist-educated traitor.

Hargis was was one of the first fundamentalist Christian leaders to urge his followers to get involved in politics.

Hargis was a close friend of General Edwin Walker and he became a member of the John Birch Society.

In 1975 Harry Dean claimed he had been an undercover agent for the FBI. In 1962 he infiltrated the John Birch Society. He later reported that Walker and John Rousselot had hired two gunman, Eladio del Valle and Loran Hall, to kill President John F. Kennedy.

Hargis founded the 'Christian Crusade' in 1950, a "Christian weapon against Communism and its godless allies."

Hargis formed the American Christian College in 1971 in order to teach fundamentalist Christian ideas.

Hargis was not all that he seemed.

After leaving school in Texas, he attended the Ozark Bible College at Bentonville, Arkansas, but left before he could finish his course.

Perhaps, like so many Americans, he had little undertanding of the Sermon on the Mount, but knew a bit about the Old Testament.

David and Jonathan

According to The Telegraph, 2 December 2004 (Billy James Hargis):

"In 1974 Hargis had conducted a wedding for two of his students.

"On their wedding night, in an episode reminiscent of the scene in Cabaret when Sally Bowles and Brian Roberts admit to having had affairs with the bisexual Max, the bride and groom confessed to each other that neither was a virgin and discovered that Hargis had deflowered them both.

"Not long afterwards, three male members of the college choir, the All-American Kids, approached the college authorities alleging that they too had been sexually abused by Hargis over a period of three years.

"Hargis had allegedly justified his acts by citing the Old Testament friendship between David and Jonathan and, just in case his victims were minded to consult biblical texts that were sympathetic, threatened to 'blacklist' them for life if they talked.

When he was confronted by his colleagues, he allegedly admitted his guilt, blaming his behaviour on 'genes and chromosomes.'

Was Hargis working for the CIA or Mossad?


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

John Lennon and sex

Albert Goldman’s 'The Lives Of John Lennon' (1988) claimed that John Lennon had a gay affair with The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, during a four-day holiday in Barcelona in April 1963. (Cached)

It also refers to a number of relationships which Lennon reportedly had with other men.

Goldman claims that Lennon visited underage boy prostitutes in Thailand.

When Epstein went into a London rehab centre, Lennon sent him flowers and the message, “You know I love you . . . I really mean that. John.”

The death of Epstein came just before the end of Lennon’s marriage to Cynthia.

Philip Norman has written 'John Lennon: The Life'.

According to Philip Norman, John Lennon wanted a gay relationship with Paul McCartney.

McCartney admits he often shared a bed with Lennon.

Philip Norman quotes Yoko as saying that people in the Apple office referred to McCartney as 'John’s princess'.

From Philip Norman we learn that John Lennon worshipped 'with a quasi-sexual intensity' the Beatles’ first bassist Stu Sutcliffe. (John Lennon: The Life by Philip Norman - The Sunday Times review ...)

Lennon wrote letters to Sutcliffe 'similar in length and tone, he claimed, to the ones he later sent Yoko'.