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The President, the Pastor and Sex with Teenage Boys.

Pastor Robert is said to have persuaded the president of Uganda to become a born again Christian.

In May 2009, it was reported that Pastor Robert Kayanja had forced two teenage boys to have anal sex with him.

Ugandan president caught up in evangelist sex scandal

The boys complained to the police.

The police detained the two boys and then issued a statement saying the boys had withdrawn their allegations.

The media is alleging presidential interference in the case.

A spokesman for Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni denied the president had become involved.

President Museveni and his dear friend former president Bush.

Allegedly, Yoweri Museveni is responsible for the death of 5.5 million africans- from Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan and Congo DRC.

"His presidency has been marred ... by involvement in the Second Congo War (the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo) and other conflicts in the Great Lakes region.

"Rebellion in the north of Uganda by the Lord's Resistance Army continues to perpetuate one of the world's worst humanitarian crises.

"Recent developments, including the abolition of presidential term limits before the 2006 elections and the harassment of democratic opposition, have attracted concern from domestic commentators and the international community.

"One-third of Ugandans remain in poverty under the current government."

Stephen O. Murray has written about sex in Sub-Saharan Africa.

(social sciences >Africa: Sub-Saharan, Pre-Independence ).

Murray explains that Africa is, like the rest of the World, bisexual.

Murray points out that most of what we know about traditional African societies was written in the last decade of the nineteenth century or later.

There are reports of homosexuality across every region of the continent.

The colonial era reports are reviewed in Murray and Roscoe's 'Boy-Wives and Female Husbands'.

A few examples:

In the central African Zande culture, before European conquest, it was regarded "as very sensible for a man to sleep with boys when women are not available or are taboo."

English anthropologist E. E. Evans-Pritchard was told that some Azande men had sex with boys "just because they like them."

The adult males paid the families of boy wives, just as they paid for female brides. The two slept together at night, "the husband satisfying his desires between the boy's thighs. When the boy grew up he joined the company and took a boy-wife in his turn. It was the duty of the husband to give his boy-wife a spear and a shield when he became a warrior. He then took a new boy-wife."

One commander, Ganga, told Evans-Pritchard that there were some men who, although they had female wives, still married boys. "When a war broke out, they took their boys with them...

If another man had relations with his boy, the husband could sue the interloper in court for adultery."

The South African Thonga provide another particularly well-documented instance of a boy-wife role.

A number of southern and western African societies also had female husbands, though whether these husbands had sexual relations with their wives is unclear in what has been written.

Gender-crossing homosexuality has been discussed as common in the (Nigerian) Hausa bori cult (and in Afro-Brazilian offshoots of west African spirit-possession religion).

Among the Maale of southern Ethiopia, some males crossed over to feminine roles. Called ashtime, these (biological) males dressed as women, performed female tasks, cared for their own houses, and apparently had sexual relations with men, according to Donald Donham.

One gave Donham a clear statement of the "third gender" conception: "The Divinity created me wobo, crooked. If I had been a man, I could have taken a wife and begotten children. If I had been a woman, I could have married and borne children. But I am wobo; I can do neither."

Among Swahili-speakers on the Kenya coast, particularly in the port of Mombasa, mashoga are transgendered prostitutes who have all the liberties of men and are also welcome in many contexts in which men are prohibited.

The paid partner usually takes the receptive role during intercourse, but it is likely that his inferiority derives from the fact that he is paid to provide what is asked for, rather than from his undertaking a particular sexual role. The one who pays is called the basha (derived from "pasha," a high-ranking official and the local term for the king in packs of playing cards).

Among the Fon, the predominant people in Dahomey (now Benin), Melville Herskovits in the 1930s reported that, after the age at which boys and girls may play together, "the sex drive finds satisfaction in close friendship between boys in the same group . . . . A boy may take the other 'as a woman,' this being called gaglgo, homosexuality. Sometimes an affair of this sort persists during the entire life of the pair".

Most of the reports of homosexual relations not involving differences in age or gender status involved young, unmarried men's sexual relationships with each other.

Kurt Falk wrote about an especially intimate bond of association, soregus, among the southeastern African Naman that included sex both between men and between women (with mutual masturbation the most common form of sex, but also males taking turns at anal penetrations and females using dildoes on each other).

An "exceptionally reliable" Nykakyusa (a people living around what is now the Tanzania/Zimbabwe border) reported to Monica Wilson in the early 1930s that male friends, who live in villages of age-mates when not out herding cattle, generally sleep together.

The Nykakyusa accepted that male friends who danced together would have sexual relations.

"Even if people see them in flagrante delicto, they say it is adolescence (lukulilo), all children are like that: they say that sleeping together and dancing is also adolescence," according to Wilson's elder. He reported that interfemoral intercourse is "what boys mostly do" and also reported anal and oral sex, ("some, during intercourse, work[ing] in the mouth of their friend, and hav[ing] an orgasm").

An Ovimbundu (in Angola) informant, told an ethnographer, "There are men who want men, and women who want women. . . . A woman has been known to make an artificial penis for use with another woman."

Among the Tswana (in addition to homosexuality among the men laboring in the mines), it was reported that back home "lesbian practices are apparently fairly common among the older girls and young women, without being regarded in any way reprehensible." Use of artificial penises was also reported among the Ila and Naman tribes of South Africa.

There are reports of age-differentiated roles in Lesotho. Relationships are initiated voluntarily by one girl who takes a liking to another and simply asks her to be her mummy or her baby, depending on their relative age, according to Judith Gay.

"The most frequently given reason for initiating a particular relationship was that one girl felt attracted to the other by her looks, her clothes, or her actions. . . . Sexual intimacy is an important part of these relationships." Over time, a Sotho may undertake both roles (with different partners) or play the same role with different partners.

Murray concludes:

With reports from hundreds of sub-Saharan African locales of male-male sexual relations and from about fifty of female-female sexual relations, it is clear that same-sex sexual relations existed in traditional African societies, though varying in forms and in the degree of public acceptance.

Much of this same-sex activity was situational or premarital, though there were long-term relationships, too.

The special Christian opposition toward homosexuality was carried to Africa by Europeans and stimulated denials that "the sin not named among Christians" existed among "unspoiled" Africans.

Chad Allen, the classic child actor

Chad Allen, born in California in 1974, was the clasic child actor.

At the age of four, he appeared in a McDonald's commercial.

As a child he appeared in the drama series St. Elsewhere.

He became a teen idol.

He said: "I was in teen magazines all the time and in reality, what was I? A 13-year-old who's as fucked up as every other 13-year-old across the country."

Chad Allen made the transition from child star to adult actor.

In 1996 the Globe tabloid published a photo of Chad kissing a young male at a pool party.

He began to receive messages from young gay people.

In 2001, Chad made it clear that he was indeed gay.

He worked with Olympic champion Greg Louganis to draw attention to the problems faced by gay youth.

In October 2008, noted that Chad's boyfriend was actor Jeremy Glazer.[17]

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What We Learn from Plutarch.

Many of the top people in the world seem to be pederasts.

Should we be worried?

The top Greeks and Romans were generally keen on pederasty.

Bernard Sergent is among the scholars who think that the Greek pederastic model goes all the way back to Neolithic times.

Another explanation, supported by William Percy, suggests that pederasty was supported as a means of population control. (Pederasty in ancient Greece - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Alexander Ivanov's Apollo, Hyacinth and Cyparissus singing and playing.(1831—1834)Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

Plutarch, 46 AD - 120 AD, was a Greek who became a Roman citizen and a celebrity.

He tells us about sex in the ancient world, and particularly about pederasty.

Plutarch's writings are our main source on the Greek and Roman leaders.

In the Parallel Lives, Plutarch told us about the gayness of the Romans.

Most of Plutarch's Greek heroes loved boys.

According to Plutarch, the ladies of Sparta loved girls.

Plutarch describes the love of upper-class men for noble youths.

Banquet scene: man reclining on a bench and youth playing the aulos. Tondo of an Attic red-figure cup, ca. 460 BC–450 BC.

One character in the Eroticus states that "it is not gentlemanly or urbane to make love to slave boys: such love is mere copulation, like the love of women."

Plutarch saw pederasty as being especially suited to the elite.

In On the Education of Children, Plutarch tells us about the wildly sensual pederasty practiced by Thebans, Elians, and Cretans and about the more moderate Athenian and Spartan forms.

If top people are going to be pederasts, they should avoid extremes.

Famous people:

Abu Nuwas

Lindsay Anderson

Baron Jacques d'Adelsward

Aelred of Rievaulx

Alexander the Great


Michael Aquino - aangirfan: Michael Aquino, alleged child sex abuse and the United ...


Tam Paton and the Bay City Rollers.

Enid Blyton

Paul Bonacci and others



Sir Richard Burton

Britney Spears and George Bush

Baden-Powell and boy scouts

John Buchan -


King Billy

Agnolo Bronzino

Bonobos -

Benjamin Britten and
Britten's Children

Julius Caesar, Hadrian, Tiberius, Nero, Commodus, ...

John Calvin -




William Colby, heroin, Israel and child sex abuse

Emperor Constantine

Whitaker Chambers - Gay Spy

Winston Churchill

Charles II, The Earl of Rochester, Johnny Depp

Roy Cohn

David and Jonathan in art
Charles Dickens 1812-1870
Tom Driberg, rent boys, Aleister Crowley, the KGB and MI5
Puglia; Norman Douglas and 15 year-olds; Lunch with Elizabeth
Dionysus - Bacchus

Eton schoolboys


Fortuyn, Haider and others.
The typical right-wing militarist - Frederick the Gay
Donald Friend, lover of Bali.
Donald Friend - Australian Artist

Paul Gauguin
Andre Gide
Von Gloeden
Andre Gide
Germaine Greer and Art


Fortuyn, Haider and others.
Billy James Hargis - Classic American Hero
Edward Heath -
Conservatives are gay?
Ernest Hemingway was gay?
Hitler was bisexual?
Leslie Hutchinson
Winslow Homer
A E Housman
Blair minister Margaret Hodge; Margaret Oppenheimer; child abuse in Islington


Alexander Ivanov


Julius III - 'Pedophile Pope'

Kaiser Wilhelm II, Prince Eulenberg and Friedrich Krupp
Ferdinand Karsch-Haack
Ayatollah Khalkhali -
Rudyard Kipling
Krishnamurti, Leadbeater, Wedgwood


Brad Lane, Gangsters and Politicians.
C S Lewis
Martin Luther
Martin Luther was a fascist
Abraham Lincoln
Krishnamurti, Leadbeater, Wedgwood

Bill and Dianne Maloney
Thomas Mann's Death in Venice
Dianne Maloney and sea scouts
Mao ZedungThe Classic Bully
John McCain and Gay Republicans
John Milton - gay poet
Montgomery Britain's most famous general
Prophet Mohamed

Nabokov, Lolita and Pale Fire
Nabokov and Pale Fire and deception
Michel Nihoul and other famous Belgians



Baby P - Haringey boy's link to child abuse rings and top people.
Tam Paton and the Bay City Rollers.
Ireland, Ian Paisley, King Billy, 'bigots'
Edward Paisnel, the Beast of Jersey
Elvis Presley
Henry James Prince


Sir Terence Rattigan and The Browning Version
Brad Renfro and gay child stars
Ronald Reagan
Arabian Nights, Ravel and beautiful young boys.
Frederick Rolfe, Baron Corvo
Harold Robbins


R L Stevenson and boys
Lytton Strachey
Cardinal Spellman


Mark Twain and boys and girls
Jeremy Thorpe, a stable lad, Jack Straw and the security services
Henry Scott Tuke


Luchino Visconti
Vincent van Gogh 1853-1890
Paul Verlaine
Von Gloeden

Henry Oliver Walker
Warcup and Gradwell and lots of murdered children
Melchior Wathelet; Jersey
Edward Westermarck
Tennessee Williams
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor
King Billy

Malcolm X
Zinzendorf had an open relationship with a 14-year-old girl whom he made an eldress of the church. -,,1744189,00.html


The Persian Vice



Girls in art

John Duncan, Hornel, Monet, Faucon...

Varieties of sex

From Nero to Mick Jagger

Mountbatten, Oldfield, Kitchener, Haig...

Guy Burgess, Captain Macnamara, J H Sharp, Tom Wylie and Edouard Pfeiffer.

Female film stars

Bisexual Hollywood?


Which celebrities would have backed Hitler?

The Romans

Mediterranean customs?

Bisexual Africa

Pakistan and sex

Gay Moslems

Bisexual animals? Bisexual Moslems? Sex with boys?

Mark Oaten, Brokeback Mountain, Donald Rumsfeld, Hitler, Napoleon, Martin Luther, Abraham Lincoln...

Washington Gay Scandal