Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The classic born-again, pro-war American.

John Ensign, whose mother was a Cipriani.

Senator John Ensign of Nevada, in the USA, is a born-again evangelical Christian.

He is the fourth ranking Republican in the Senate.

He has been seen as a possible future US President.

John Ensign is a member of the Pentecostal International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.

He and his wife Darlene have been active in the Promise Keepers, an evangelical group that promotes 'godly manhood'.

Las Vegas, which has links to 9 11 and the Mafia, is in Nevada.

John Ensign represents Nevada.

John Ensign is pro-war.

In 1998, Ensign denounced Bill Clinton as a "disgrace" during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and said: "He has no credibility left".

It has now been revealed that from Dec 2007 to Aug 2008, John Ensign had an 'affair' with a campaign staffer who was 'married to an official Senate staffer'.

Ensign's mother is Sharon Lee Cipriani.

(Republican Senator John Ensign confesses to affair with aide)

The Mafia has connections to Las Vegas in Nevada.

Pippo Cipriani, the former Mayor of Corleone, once told BBC News Online: "The characteristic of the Mafia which most marks it out as distinct from other purely criminal organisations is the way in which it is rooted in society, its permeation of the economy, society and its institutions."

Las Vegas is central to 9 11.

Antonio "Toni" Cipriani is a fictional character in the Grand Theft Auto video game series.

Toni is the Caporegime of the Leone family of the Mafia in Liberty City, working directly for Don Salvatore Leone.