Tuesday, January 18, 2011



It's a strange world.

1. Karl Lindberg is a convicted serial rapist and pimp, and a former police chief.

At the time of his apprehension he was reportedly "on his way to meet a 14-year-old girl in a hotel encounter that was also due to feature a number of other men.

"It was said that in his car was a bag containing leather whips, handcuffs and a blindfold."

Göran Lindberg and Sweden's dark side.

Child Prostitute
"Child prostitute. She is cheap, and you can obviously see how much she enjoys what she is doing. You can have her for something like 10 euro If you avoid the middle men. The Greek really adore children and they cross the border in black taxis and have their way. The mayor at the nearby town owns the hotel from where most of this business is being run. Police are getting paid to look the other way. Nearby there is a school funded with EU money, and I like that, because its so healthy to laugh once in awhile. Ooh.. did I mention that anal will cost you extra ? Ask the guy sitting with a shotgun at the local gasstation." (Brian Paw Damsgaard)

2. Meanwhile, a rapist policeman has been jailed for life

Pc Stephen Mitchell, originally from Glasgow, has been jailed by a judge in Newcastle in the UK.

Mitchell preyed on women he met while on duty.

He raped and sexually abused heroin addicts, shoplifters and a disabled teenager by offering them help while in custody, then demanding sexual favours afterwards. (Monster raped the life out of me )

Rwanda Exodus, by Tom Stoddart
Rwanda Exodus, by Tom Stoddart

3. "Prince Charles flirted with an exotic supermodel before asking her to perform a ‘private catwalk show’ for him, she has claimed.

"Mozambique-born Tasha de Vasconcelos alleges that the Prince propositioned her under the nose of Camilla Parker Bowles at an exclusive party.

(Model claims Prince Charles asked her for a 'private show' under ...)