Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Prince William's wife Kate Middleton (left) and Kate Middleton's friend Emma Sayle (right)

Emma Sayle has helped organise 'sex orgies' for top people. (Kate Middleton's chum Emma Sayle and the sex

Emma Sayle is a chum of Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William.

In 2005, the UK's Sunday Mirror, reported on the "Biggest Ever Filthy-Rich Orgy".

The organisers were property tycoon Jonathan Friedman, 41, and right-wing anti-Europe politician David Russell Walters, 44, and Emma Sayles.

The location of the orgy was the London mansion owned by Edward Davenport.

Edward Davenport with Simon Cowell

In 2005, policewoman Sarah Cox was guarding Tony Blair.

She was also romping at the 'filthy rich orgy'.

"After tearing off her clothes, WPC Cox - who also guards PM Tony Blair at Chequers - and her cop boyfriend plunged into the orgy on a 20ft by 14 ft steel-reinforced bed...

"Only Britain's elite, including aristocrats, politicians, civil servants and lawyers, are allowed to join the secret society, which met for its first orgy of 2005 last Saturday night.

"Rich brokers from City institutions Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutschebank and Commerzbank indulged in a free-for-all with scientists, lawyers, corporate directors, a TV presenter, fashion models and an Olympic athlete...

"Beautiful guests had flown in from New York, Paris, Italy, Germany and Holland especially for the party."

Tiberius Caesar enjoyed orgies. According to Suetonius: "teams of wantons of both sexes, selected as experts in deviant intercourse and dubbed analists, copulated before him in triple unions to excite his flagging passions."

On 9th October 2011, the Daily mail reported on a Hollywood movie actor at one orgy.

Monthira Sanan-Ua is the Thai girlfriend of 'Lord' Eddie Davenport.

She hosted many of the 'orgies' at Davenport's London mansion, 33 Portland Place.

She says: "They had all sorts of posh, important people there like judges and financiers.

"Once I spotted a famous Hollywood actor who is very handsome."

"I met all the A-list stars, everyone...

"My friend would say to me, 'Oh look, there’s the judge and there’s that policeman'...

Paris - Musée d'Orsay: Thomas Couture's Romains de la décadence
In 1751, Sir Francis Dashwood MP leased Medmenham Abbey on the Thames. The 'friars' hired London 'dollymops' for orgies. There were rumours of Black Masses, orgies and Satan or demon worship.

"I saw everybody from Paris Hilton, Hugh Grant, Pete Doherty, Kate Moss, Russell Brand and Colin Farrell...

"All sorts passed though our door.

"I remember James Blunt, Sarah Ferguson, Mick Jagger, Juliette Lewis,Victoria Beckham, Michael Caine, Hugh Lawrie, Vivienne Westwood, Victoria Silvstedt, Jordan, Mark Ronson, there were so many...

(There is no suggestion that any of those she named took part in Davenport’s sex parties.)