Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Sir Peter Morrison - at the heart of the Thatcher government.

A former resident of the Bryn Estyn children's home has told Channel 4 News that he saw Sir Peter Morrison at the notorious care home five times.

Eyewitness 'saw Thatcher aide take boys to abuse'

Morrison, who died in 1995, was Margaret Thatcher's parliamentary private secretary.

(Lord Boothby was Winston Churchill's parliamentary private secretary; both Boothby and Churchill were said to be involved sexually with young lads.)

The former resident said: "I saw him at Bryn Estyn, he turned up in a car, boy went off in his car...

"They turned up at odd hours, early evening and the night. Really nice shoes, I always remember the shoes...

Sir Michael Hanley, former Director General of MI5

Describing allegations of abuse from other residents, the former resident told Channel 4 News: "They said they were made to drink, there was a lot of people there...

"I knew a few boys who were marked up, like a stamp in the post office, I know one lad ... he had to go off to hospital...

"Some of them quite marked around the face and body … cut quite badly around the arms and chest area...

"One guy wore his coat around his shoulders, a tan coat. They seemed to have the run of the place... We were told not even to look...

"I made a statement to South Wales Police ... but didn't hear anything else about it...

"I've been carrying this around for 35 years. It's destroyed every relationship in my life. I don't trust anybody.

"I've tried to commit suicide on three occasions..."

Steve Messham, a former Bryn Estyn resident,  has told Channel 4 News that he passed photographs of children being abused, including himself, to the police but they failed to act.

Steve Messham said that his abusers frequently threatened him, saying: "If you tell anyone, I'll have you killed."

Photographs of Wales abuse 'were handed to police'

Steven Messham told Channel 4 News that, aged 16, he broke into the flat of one of his abusers to get hold of photographs of the abuse he suffered.

He says: "What was on those pictures was unbelievable... The police do admit there were pictures, but not to the extent I say .... crazy."

The photos reportedly showed lots of men, including a top politician, raping boys. 

He says he could see men's faces clearly, but the police said they could not identify the men from the pictures.

Photographs of Wales abuse 'were handed to police'

Bryn Estyn children's home - 'used by MI5 as a brothel'. "Scallywag Magazine alleged that MI5 used to take foreign diplomats to Bryn Estyn and other children's homes in North Wales, give them boys to 'play' with, and secretly film them as they buggered, abused and tortured boys, and then keep the tapes as evidence. Over a dozen victims who complained of abuse by the paedophile ring 'have met suspicious deaths'."

Steve Messham says he was abused more than a dozen times by a top Conservative politician and by members of a ring including businessmen and police. 

He told Channel 4 News: "They took photographs, very much so - loads of photographs...

"I could kill them. They wrecked my life. My life's not normal, never has been …. nightmares, sweats. I ended up in being in hospital for over three and a half years with it – it's not good is it?

"I tried to give up several times, took several overdoses, slashed my wrists several times. What has kept me going is my daughter, without her I don't think I’d be here."

Photographs of Wales abuse 'were handed to police'