Tuesday, January 08, 2013


The BBC's Terry Nutkins.

"Terry Nutkins did not just pinch my bottom, he subjected me to a period of sexual harassment culminating in a serious sexual assault, all of this while I was a school kid working in the summer holidays."

Terry Nutkins dead

Terry Nutkins was born in London.

TV star Terry Nutkins, at the age of 11, went to live with Gavin Maxwell, author of Ring of Bright Water.

Gavin Maxwell became his legal guardian in order that Nutkins could stay with him."

Maxwell left everything he owned to Nutkins.

Site of Ring of Bright Water.

Maxwell was the grandson of the Duke of Northumberland.

At one time, Maxwell served as an instructor with the Special Operations Executive.

(Left) Colonel Sir Archibald David Stirling who founded the SAS - special forces). (Right) Stirling's cousin Gavin Maxwell. The Stirlings, the Frasers (Lovat) and the Maxwells are all related. Website for this image

Gavin Maxwell was a spy and liked young boys, a lot.

According to the article on Maxwell in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, several young men derived much benefit from relationships with him.[5]

Maxwell loved Morocco.

According to Maxwell, "Homosexuality between man and boy was never considered in any way abnormal or shameful until the infiltration of European opinion with the French occupation."

Islam and Homosexuality: Volume 1 - Page 65 - Google Books Result

According to Douglas Botting, Maxwell suffered from bipolar disorder throughout his life.[7]

Maxwell married Lavinia Renton (née Lascelles) on 1 February 1962. 

The marriage lasted little more than a year and they divorced in 1964.[4]

Kathleen Raine fell in love with Gavin Maxwell.

Maxwell, as a homosexual, was driven to despair by her advances.

Maxwell's home, Sandaig, burnt down.

Maxwell wrote: "Whether or not your curse has been responsible for this terrible disaster I don't know or should never know." 

Raine later became a spiritual adviser to the Prince of Wales.


"I met Nutkins when I was 14 or 15 years old and was working at what was then called Woburn Wild Animal Kingdom during the school holidays...

"He had a long cane or stick that he used to hit the dolphins with while swearing at them for being "cunts"...

"Nutkins tried to force himself on me sexually...

"Something that he told me indicated that I was not the only young girl to have endured his predatory advances."

Terry Nutkins dead.